Welcome to the ElevateData Blog!

Welcome to the ElevateData blog! ElevateData is an initiative started by Alex Choy, Director at Silicon Valley Bank, Barkha Saxena, Chief Data Officer at Poshmark, and Oren Yunger, Investor at GGV Capital. The mission of this initiative is to scale practical knowledge sharing among data leaders in an environment that fosters open and lively discussions in order to elevate role of data to the next level across all organizations.

ElevateData hosts quarterly dinners on important and relevant data topics. We’ll be sharing the key insights and takeaways from these dinners on this blog.

Finally, we’re always looking to add great data leaders to our community. Please feel free to nominate any one that you think would enjoy joining ElevateData!

We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned and hope to see you at our upcoming dinners and events!

The ElevateData Team,

Barkha, Oren, and Alex

Published by Alex Choy

Director at SVB

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